Hadban Enzahi


Created for Eternity


Made from 800kg of gypsum during 3000 working hours –over a period of 15 months-artist Ingo Koblischek has created the plaster model for a special statue: The bronze statue of Hadban Enzahi.


Actually, it all started in much smaller dimensions when artist  Ingo Koblischek from Friedrichshafen Germany created a sculpture of only 28 cm of the stallion Hadban Enzahi in a limited edition- obviously  this sculpture left a lasting impression on the officials at Marbach State Stud and so Koblischek  was asked to create a life-size statue of the famous horse. That this would not be an easy task 30 years after the stallion’s death was evident. But fortunately, there were many historic  photos of the horse, the body measurements (153/177/19) were easily found in the files and last not least there were enough people left who knew the horse by working with him in his living days. But most important:: Koblischek knew Hadban Enzahi from his own experience. “You never forget such a horse“,he says. He was very familiar with the stature, the bearing and the very special expression of this original Arab stallion because he had frequently visited him at Marbach.


Fascinated by Horses


Even as a achild, Koblischek was fascinated by horses, captured by their power,elegance and charisma.Later he dedicated a great deal of his artistic work to these animals. Apart from the race horses,Shergar, of Aga Khan´s stables, Northern Dancer, Pik König, the Trakehner stallion Tempelhüter and in future the jumping wonder Milton, he also created sculptures of other horses, some more some less famous. And although there are other animal sculptures among Koblischek´s lifework, it is the horse that takes a really prominent position.Today , the 70-years old artist´s fame has long reached beyond the borders of Germany and he is well known even abroad for his lifelike representations. This is especially true for his motion studies, technically highly demanding, in which horses touch the ground with only one leg and nevertheless the artist did not make use of a „pillar“. Exhibitions in the US and numerous European cities, among them on invitation of star tenor Luciano Pavarotti in Modena,were reason for several awards such as the listing in Who is Who and the Euro Medal in gold for art and culture, given by the European Cultural Circle in Baden-Baden. Among his admirers are the Duke Friedrich of Württemberg and his wife, as well as Pince Philipp and other celebrities.



Hadban in Six Pieces


The actual work of the artist is to create the plaster model which is then cast as a bronze sculpture at a 1:1 scale. For this master model, Koblischek has invested about 3000 hours of work and 800kg gypsum. But to transport the life-size statue to the Strassacker foundry in Süßen,Southwest Germany, the horse had to be divided into six pieces. It was here that Hadban was cast in Bronze and welded together – and on June 9, 2002, the great day had come when the finished bronze statue was unveiled at Marbach State Stud and presented to the public under lots of applause. Ingo Koblischek stroked Hadban´s smooth surface as if caressing the live stallion- the artist and his work. Without his love for the object, something like this would not be possible. 
Those who do not approve that Hadban is no longer of pure white may prefer the statue made of porcelain, created by the Nymphenburg manufacturers in Munich. Here Koblischek has exchanged his preferred material bronze and has for the first time created Hadban
and Northern Dancer in porcelain.









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