Northern Dancer



Sculpture of Northern Dancer by Ingo Koblischek



The legend lives : the world renowned sculptor, Ingo Koblischek, has created a limited edition bronze of the famous stallion, Northern Dancer. In the spring of 1990 the sculptor had the unique opportunity to visit Windfield Farm (Maryland) to observe and model this stallion of the century.
The result of the artist´s intense experience with this legendary horse is a bronze, which brings out the individuality of Northern Dancer. It is a  true portrait of a star. Nothern Dancer´s victories are unforgettable and it is fitting that he should be immortalized in precious bronze.
However, this creation is more then just a likeness: Ingo Koblischek not only shows us the reality of Northern Dancer, but also succeeds in incorporating in the work his own fascination with the accomplishments of this horse.
This valuable sculpture pays homage to an extraordinary horse. Even more: it is the testimony to a legend.












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